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Mailing Address

The Leather Knights

P.O. Box 190334

Dallas, Texas  75219

Our Mission

The Leather Knights, Inc. is a non-profit membership organization, of gay Leather men, which exists to provide service and support for the Greater Dallas Community. We live out our mission through:





Responding to the needs of our community through service and volunteerism, primarily through various physical works, we provide direct relief to our community’s distress. Our service projects entail physical labor that builds up our community; in addition, we collect and distribute goods that feed, equip, and support our community.




Using our hearts, minds, talents, skills, and spirits, we provide compassion by raising funds for publically supported charities in our community. The Leather Knights are passionate about raising funds for HIV/AIDS agencies, community healthcare needs, Leather organizations, hunger/nutritional support, GLBTQ youth organizations, and other vulnerable members of society.  These funds provide funding for direct support for our community.




 We are fully participating members of our community. Through the works of our presence and goodwill, we actively engage relationships throughout Greater Dallas and the Leather Community at-large. As participants in our community, we can more readily know its needs and can therefore provide the necessary support. As an organization rooted in the GLBTQ community and the Leather/Levi subculture of that community, we form relationships that build and lift up our mission. We participate fully in the Leather Community of Greater Dallas, State-wide, Regionally, Nationally and Internationally. Through camaraderie, we also foster strong and positive relationship among our members. The positive relationships we forge within our membership and our community at-large provide us the foundation for our success.

Our Profile

For nineteen years, Leather Knights has been helping charities through hosting exciting fundraisers and events.  Our organization has raised funds for, as well as volunteered with, AIDS Arms, AIDS Interfaith Network, Legacy Founders Cottage, the Leather Archives & Museum, AIDS Services of Dallas, the Nelson-Tebedo Clinic, Susan G. Komen Foundation, DIFFA, Youth First, the Resource Center of Dallas, Sharon St. Cyr Fund and AIDS Services of North Texas.  Leather Knights has been named 2005 Leather Club of the Year for community involvement by the Flesh and Fantasy Board of Directors, as well as the 2006 Community Service Award.


Leather Knights are proud to be recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3 charitable organization.

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